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In depth post #2

So last time I posted was just to introduce my in-depth project this year, ukulele. This post I will talk about my mentor and how he came to be here. As the time spent with my mentor is limited (30… Continue Reading →

Doc of learning #1: Discovering new ideas (But not like how Columbus discovered America)

Last year many of my socials works revolved around equality and privilege in history. Who could do what for how long and other related questions. For my final I wrote a “life” for a girl who had to dress as… Continue Reading →

In-depth 2k16: So it begins

And here we are, ready for another go at the dreaded and highly anticipated In-Depth Project. This year, I am going to be learning how to play (and do other things with) ukulele! I thought it was a cute instrument… Continue Reading →

Its over?

It’s over. I am done Eminent. This is so weird. I’ve had a few days to deal with it but mostly I’ve taken a lot of naps and I haven’t thought about the implications of being… Done Eminent. My mom… Continue Reading →

BiBLOGraphy. I think I made the same title last year.

And now the boring post. What sources did I use? Luckily I saved all my sources in the doc I wrote my speech in or a bookmark folder titled “Eminent stuff” How nice! Where I found all the historically-accurate swears… Continue Reading →

What is the thing? (a question I have been asking a lot) (Eminent doc of learning)

Speech drafts? I guess so. Okay so draft one was basically too short and pre-interview so all the info wasnt totally accurate. They’re scared of me. I’m the adventuress, “the only woman on board”… What superstitious fools. I am the… Continue Reading →

I am so on top of it! (interview)

BAM BAM INTERVIEW. The person I interviewed was Colin Woodard, an American journalist and author, who wrote a book that was cited in an article that I read about Anne and I figured he seemed like a good choice. (Also he… Continue Reading →

Eminent2k16 intro post: Anne Bonny is so cool

I am so excited this year like ohhhh my gooshhhhh. Okay so if you haven’t heard me talking about it with an excited tone of voice and probably some raised voices, my eminent person this year is “pirate queen” Anne… Continue Reading →

I’m always a sucker for crammed bookshops

Oooooohhhhhh myyyyyyy gosssshhhh. The library trip was actually one of my favourite things I’ve done this year. Like, the bookstore was amazing and I actually??? Managed to find a book?????? About my eminent person??? That was so rad and the… Continue Reading →

“Working to protect our rights and liberties”

In a recent question period, concerning bill c51, Steven Harper said, “police and security agencies are working to protect our rights and our liberties.” This contrasts somewhat with the Stonechild death. 17-year-old Neil Stonechild was handcuffed and put into the… Continue Reading →

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